Why should you join?

Why should you join Team Blocksanity? Well, we're here to tell you why.

Free chat

Our discord server is free to join(obviously) and you don't have to worry about keeping what you're doing a secret. Everything we do is public!


Build and command with experienced members, some of whom have been making maps for over 3 years!


Team members are on everyday to help you out with your personal projects and maps. Never be afraid to ask!

Welcome to Team Blocksanity! We are a map making team that is dedicated to helping new people get into map making as well as provide help for more experienced players.

Team Blocksanity began in August 2017 with a collaboration between S0L4RE and CrazyCowMM. They wanted to make a horror map, but couldn’t quite do it by themselves, so they asked for help from their friends and people they knew online. Eventually it was time to publish this map and a crucial decision had to be made. Should they continue working together, or consider this a one time thing. In the end, they decided it might be fun to continue making maps together, besides the second chapter of that first map still needed to be made. And thus Team Blocksanity was born. 

Since most of the members we managed to gather from our discord contacts were inexperienced, teaching just became a norm in the team. Thats why we accept anyone who is simply willing to work. We’ll teach you the rest!

Check out the heads!



CrazyCowMM is the main redstoner at Team Blocksanity. He is also the co-founder of the team, and runs the discord and website





Head Builder


Head Builder

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"WOw Nice Map Keep up the work


"Nice Work! I liked it and it scared me some times! I RATE FIVE STARS"

Kelsi the Pyrofly

"Great map! Some of the command block effects are really amazing. I can't wait for the next part. :D Also, best credits ever!"


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